Your Week at NITOC

Welcome to Focus on the Family and NITOC 2012! This page is a script for the week, giving special attention to three non-competitive events that we encourage all registrants to attend: (1) Stoa University on Monday, (2) our Social on Thursday, and (3) the Awards Ceremony on Saturday.


Stoa University
The Stoa leadership has put together free workshops that will be held the day before competition begins. Three University workshop tracks are available to serve (1) Parents, (2) Club Leaders & Coaches, and (3) Tournament Leaders & Staff. Each track offers six class sessions for a full day of insightful information. The Monday session schedule is listed below and specific workshop session details are available by clicking here.

  • 8:30 Stoa University Opening Session
  • 9:00 Workshops Session 1
  • 10:00 Workshops Session 2
  • 11:00 Workshops Session 3
  • 12:00 Lunch Break
  • 1:00 Workshops Session 4 (Student Session begins on Back Lawn)
  • 2:00 Workshops Session 5
  • 3:00 Workshops Session 6
  • 4:00 The State of Stoa by Scott York

All parents, coaches and volunteers are encouraged to attend Stoa University.

Check-In and Script Submission
9:00am to 4:30pm in the Focus Chapel located off of Mainstreet. Electronic script submissions are highly recommended. Please see the Competition page for more information.

Canopy Contest
Focus has a beautiful Back Lawn (view picture) where the student lounge is located and the NITOC Directors are sponsoring a Canopy Contest for NITOC. There will be designated areas for canopy setup when you arrive. Canopies must be no larger than 10’x10’ and staked at the time of set-up. We welcome banners and signs that fit within the perimeter of your canopy. All decorations are required to be weather appropriate and should represent your club and the NITOC experience. Finally, all canopies must be set by 3:00pm to qualify for judging. The first, second and third place winners will be announced on Tuesday.

Special Student Focus Session
The theme for the entire week is "Blazin' the Trail." At 1:00, Dr. Chris Leland (your tournament director) will speak on broadening perspectives by taking advantage of opportunities beyond competition. At 1:30, Gabi Vehrs will teach students to be effective and gracious communicators by taking advantage of career and real-life opportunities, as exemplified in prolife advocacy. And at 2:00, Chris Jeub will speak to student on how to address the media while at Focus on the Family. We hope this student session helps set students sites on great works for the Kingdom!

Timer Orientation
Timers are encouraged to attend one of three designated timers training sessions on Monday. A tour of the campus will follow the training. Certification will be given to those who attend, and these certified timers will be given preference when rounds are assigned during the tournament: 10:00am, 1:00pm, 3:00pm.

Alumni Appreciation Party
Visiting alumni, we so appreciate your involvement at NITOC! Thank you for making the time to come to the tournament, and we want to throw you a party. We have rented Whit's End from 5:00pm to 7:00pm, a private social just for alumni. Sign up to judge and you'll be able to dive into the ice cream bar for free! Sorry, no younger siblings allowed; this is just for graduates of speech and debate. Email Savannah Adams for more details:


Competition Begins!

Debate Check-In
All debate competitors must be checked in by 8:30am.

Speech Check-In and Script Submission
8:00am to 11:00am in the Focus Chapel located off of Mainstreet
Please remember that all scripts must be checked in by Tuesday at 11:00am for competition. Electronic script submissions are highly recommended. Please see the Competition page for more information.


Competition Continues


Competition Continues

Family Social Event
7:30pm to 9:30pm

Wasson High School
2115 Afton Way
Colorado Springs, CO
School WebsiteGoogle Map
Quick directions: Take Academy south, right on Union, left on Constitution, Wasson High School is on your left.

Dancing through time…we begin with the Charleston from the 1920’s makeing our way through the Big Band Era for Swing Dancing…next the 50’s for the Jitterbug, Twist and the Mashed Potato. Then we are off to the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s where we do the Limbo, Locomotion, the Hustle and the Popcorn! We will finish the night with the 90’s through present day dance hits and an unforgettable Conga line.

There is truly something for everyone…Tricycle, Flying Turtles and Potato Sack Races, Bubble Gum Blowing and Hula Hoop Contests, Nachos, Root Beer Floats and so much more!

Speech and Debate Breaks will be announced at the end of the party at 9:30pm.


NITOC takes place on the same day as Focus on the Family's Chapel Service, a monthly time of worship for the Focus staff and visitors. President of Focus on the Family has opened up the Chapel to as many Stoa families as would like to attend. No ticket is necessary, please come!

Competition Continues
Competitions will be going on throughout the morning and the rest of the day.


Final Day of Competition

Awards Ceremony
6:30pm begin seating, photo slideshow and thank you's
7:00pm to 9:00pm
"Rockin' Our World"
New Life Center
11025 Voyager Parkway
Colorado Springs, CO 80921 view map