Stoa 2012 National Invitational Tournament of Champions

June 4-9, 2012

Pictured: Nearly 600 speakers and debaters from 26 states are competing this week on the Focus on the Family campus. (Photo by Duc Tran)
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Stoa welcomes you to the 3rd Annual National Invitational Tournament of Champions (NITOC). Stoa’s NITOC is a National Championship Tournament open to all Christian homeschooled speech and debate students as defined on Stoa’s registration page. Invitations to compete at NITOC are based on the student’s performance over the course of the season as documented on Speechranks. Stoa desires to bring together the best speakers and debaters from around the country to compete at a true National Championship.

Focus on the Family

8605 Explorer Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80920 Google Map or MapQuest Map

Stoa's Facebook Page

We will be using Facebook to post our up-to-the-minute information. "Like" Stoa's Facebook Page and utilize the #nitoc12 hashtag in Twitter.

NITOC T-Shirts

Each competitor will be receiving an official Stoa 2012 National Invitational Tournament of Champions T-shirt! Additional t-shirts are available for purchase when you register. T-shirts are 100% cotton. The design:


Tournament Superintendent
Chris Jeub